Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Breakfast Pizza

One of my favorite recipes to make is Breakfast Pizza from the Big Sur Bakery Cookbook.  Everyone in the family loves it. I tend to get into "recipe" routines. I  crank out the same thing for a couple weeks before I move on to the next best thing. Lately, the pizza has been it.

The dough recipe yields two pizzas. Over the weekend, when I made it, we were only three so there was a whole pie left over.  When D went to put it away I said "don't put it in the fridge. It'll get yucky." and he replied "what do you want me to do with it then?".   I blurted out the first thing that came to mind "I want you to put it on a pedestal under a soft heat lamp to keep it just perfect the way it is right now."  That's what came to mind and that's what I said.  One of the perks of being married is that you can often say whatever crazy thing comes to mind and your spouse knows better than to think you're crazy....or at least they are legally bound to not take off running.  
So, D started to draw a pedestal on our chalk wall!  See, he indulges my crazy. The perfect complement to me. 

I'm so proud of myself for making this recipe. I've finally got it down to a science and it's so good. I don't know, there is something about this recipe that makes the day start off just right.  You can find it here in the New York Times online.