Thursday, November 14, 2013

Baby G

I suspect hese are the pictures that'll melt my heart the most as the girls get older. That belly! That bare belly in diapers with those cute toes and hands! The simplicity of a warm morning in the fall.  How easy and calm life is now before pre-school and kindergarten and homework and a million activities that I feel I should be having them do.  Maybe this is the real activity. Playing a little computer game after snuggling and watching the birds feed from our bedroom window feeders.  I love this today. I'll miss it tomorrow. 

Her Buddy Owen

Their chemistry is unique. I can't quite explain it. Both are super active, whitty, sassy, and smart. They met in preschool.  I've never heard anyone make Annika laugh as hard as Owen.  I'm not sure what the future holds but i've told Brigitta, I hope Annika marries someone who make her laugh and think the way Owen does now. She lights up but in the most organic and natural way when they are together. I love, love, love that he has never told her she can't play with him and the boys because she is a girl and girls aren't super heroes. He may be the only boy who hasn't said that to her. There is something to their chemistry.  

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Annika has been playing the violin for one year.  She started in October 2012.  She has had one recital and one event where she has had to play in front of people.  It's been good and with each performance she gets more comfortable in the public eye. 

She loves it. She hates it. I see too many good things coming from the violin to let her stop.  It's developing her focus and her awareness that doing something everyday, even for a little bit, has a huge impact.  We practice about 5 days a week for anywhere from 15-20 minutes.  I saw her hold a cup the other day and realized she has developed dexterity and strength in ever single finger in both of her hands.  She has violin hands! I love it.  Today I saw her play with a sense of ownership i've never seen before. Confidence is building.  This is why we do it.  Personal growth and confidence.