Monday, May 20, 2013

First Sleep Over

P had a friend sleep over for the first time ever. He is a classmate. We've had him over to the house a few times. He is so sweet and kind. His family just moved here in January from Spain.  We've connected on some of these common Latin roots.  

It's interesting to have a friend over. Her buddy is so independent and different than P and they are both basically the same age. P would not do a sleep over right now.  She also still wets the bed at night. She's very independent in other areas but the night time routine is not one that she would let go of. And, she still crawls into bed with us anywhere between 3-5am.  There are moments I wish I had more freedom to go away. But for the most part I'm glad we still have that closeness. 

Well, we'll see how well everyone makes it through the night. 

Jubees Birthday

Yesterday was Jubees 36th birthday.  I'm horrible with sending cards out on time. Peanut and I decided to take pictures and send him a note via email.  I love this one of her.  Her spark and funny bone have not gone away.  That I am grateful for.