Thursday, May 14, 2009

Drinking Glasses

For the most part, P drinks out of real glasses.  I am very cautious about the safety of plastic so everything P puts into her mouth I make sure is BPA, phylate, etc. free.  I'm not really sure why I ended up going straight to glass with drinks.  I remember 6 months ago going through a two week phase of breaking almost a glass a day, if not more.  And just the other day I realized we were way past that now. 

P also skipped sippy cups and only uses the bottle for night time.  The sippy cup skip happened when we went home to see my parents in Florida over a year ago.  P was 5 months old and saw everyone drinking water and she wanted to do the same...water out of a cup.  I went to find sippy cups immediately but she didn't want them.  

I'm not sure how I'll train the next kid. Part will be determined by their personality but I don't think I'll be able to juggle broken glass with two kids. One was such a juggle especially when she broke our Perrier glasses from France that shattered into millions, literally millions of pieces on our tile. I was obsessed with finding every shard because I was worried P would get cut as she was still crawling at the time.  But I must say, now I love to see P drinking from a glass.

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