Thursday, August 27, 2009

There's a shark in my bathtub.

Two things I put on our baby registry right away were the Boon Bath Goods and the Boon Frog Pod. I thought they were so cool and well designed. I had this idea that I'd be able to educate my daughter on colors and shapes right away instead of having pointless bath toys.

I remember putting my little "blob" in the tub for the first time and thinking "Great, now what? What do I do with all these toys and her?" Obviously it was months before we started using them and it's not until now at 21 months that the Bath Goods have become a favorite.

Today I had a flashback in the tub. I almost started a routine I use to do with P when she was about 8-9 months. I would put her Munchkin Squirtin' Sea Buddies in the tub and then ask for walrus, or sharkie or starfish. At first I pulled them out and sat them on the side of the tub one by one but it wasn't long before she was doing it herself. I was so ecstatic when she started recognizing them by name. Today she can pick out anything you call for in the tub, from Shamu to drain stopper.

I took it a step further when we visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium for her first birthday. I brought all the Sea Buddies to the Aquarium and showed them to her when we saw the real creatures. Man the connections made that day were incredible! It made sense to her! She knew who those sea creatures were. That night I think she believed the ocean had followed us back. Amazing!

Today I am not so involved in the bath time routine. I sit back. She plays on her own and I feel that imaginative world going on is really important so I do not disturb it. I interrupt just to brush teeth, soap and rinse.

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