Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Another great Halloween!  I never liked this holiday until I had a child. The theme this year: bees. P was a bee, D was a bee keeper and I was a beehive.  D's and my costumes were from the Martha Stewart website.  P's costume was a take on the chicken she did last year. 

We started the day with belgian waffles and oranges, followed by a 3 hour hike/walk, long naps in the late afternoon then the neighborhood parade and at last trick or treating.  P traded in all her candy, but 8 pieces, for a remote controlled Pluto dog.  I thank my friend K every year for this brilliant idea!

Dave had a brilliant idea to this year!  He had me cut out a spiral in the stinger of P's costume so that he could could make it light up with flashing lights from within.  I groaned that it would be too much work but caved in when I saw the look of disappointment on his face.  He wanted to contribute to P's costume. How could I stand in the way?  I'm glad he suggested the idea because it turned out to be spectacular. It was literally brilliant as we walked around at night!  

These memories are just amazing to me.  It brings me such joy to sew P's costume every year. It's my childhood dream come true! 

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