Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Photographer/Director in the Making

 We weren't able to do a Christmas card photo shoot with our friends this year.  Dave's friend Tony was called to work on a movie in New Mexico at the last minute.  Dave was crazy busy with work as well so I knew P and I were going to have to do this one ourselves.  

I had an idea of doing a picture of P with my belly.  I didn't want to jinx the pregnancy but when Tony got called away to work I thought it was a green light the universe was giving me to go ahead.  I started out setting up the shot above.  It didn't take too many takes with the timer to get what I needed.  And it didn't take too long for P to push me aside and direct the shoot herself. 

We started with just the two of us.  I guided her a little bit on how the camera worked and how she could "check the gate" with the buttons on the back of the camera.  Dave came home just in time to be a part of it all at which point P really began directing.  It cracked us up to hear the things she said:
"oh that was a great picture", "i think it works", "ok this time fly like birds", "this one give me a scared face", "can you think of something happy and funny". It was like watching a mini director. She was quite articulate and clearly expressed what she wanted from us.  Below is an assortment of her shots.

This was our Christmas card this year. I ordered them again from Tiny Prints.  I love their paper stock, prices and overall quality.

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