Saturday, January 14, 2012

Clothespin Dolls

One of my favorite places for art project inspirations is Made by Joel. He's beyond creative, a father, etc, etc. Over the summer P was very into fairies so I thought this was the perfect project for us. Well, I got a little creative with the fabrics we had laying around and we went from fairies to Rapunzel to just making lots of dolls. P loved it but I realized I should have done this with her back when she was 2.  The dolls are perfect for that age but as P has gotten older she wants a more anatomically able doll, ie legs, arms, movement.  

With my new found knowledge of age appropriate dolls I decided I'd make a very good friend of ours her own set. She turned 2 in August. Her gift came out pretty good. I stood all the dolls up on an upside down egg carton. I cut an X on the top of each egg bubble and pushed the clothes pin in for a snug fit. 

Thank you Joel for making me look like such a creative genius!


  1. Aw, these are so great! What a great interpretation! I love clothespin dolls...and I love that you used such rich fabrics!

    1. Thanks Monica! They were a blast to make!

  2. I want to make these with my little girls. She already steals my popsicle sticks and draws faces on them, these are SOOOO much cooler! It's amazing how we spend all this money on toys, and they just want to make their own :-)

  3. The process of making them has probably been more entertaining than the dolls themselves. Ive noticed P is just so proud I make these for her adn no one else has them.....except for her super close friends.