Friday, February 10, 2012

35 Weeks Preggo and Wearing...

Yesterday I went into Target to buy a $2 item and walked out with $90 worth of clothes.  Two maternity outfits for me and one shirt for Dave.  I have 5 weeks to go and have plenty of maternity clothes but sometimes it really helps to feel beautiful.  For me that means wearing clothes that make me feel good.  

The purchase prompted me to take pictures of some of my outfits.  I've been trying to do this for weeks but there's always something else more important to do: dinner, laundry, etc or I'm just too tired.  Well, the house is a mess and there's meals to be made but this is more important today. I only have 5 weeks to go and then if all goes according to plan I'll never be pregnant again. I'll never see my body like this again. This is more important.

Dress by Asos Maternity. One of my first purchases once I was past the first trimester.
One of yesterday's purchases. Liz Lange for Target. I've been wanting a striped, side-rouched dress. My favorites being from Isabella Oliver but I never got the gumption to fork over that kind of cash for a temporary wardrobe item.  This dress satisfied my desire for $25. To be honest, I love it for pictures but my butt does not look good from the back with all those stripes. I think I'm carrying the weight well but I'm not a petite girl. I wore the dress this morning to drop P off at school but I wore it with a wrap that covered my butt.  

Not a maternity dress. It's from H&M their regular line. Have loved wearing this sweater dress pregnant, and actually I don't think it looks that great on me when not pregnant.   I wanted to get a silver sparkly belt for the holidays but couldn't find one that fit me. 

Top from Liz Lange for Target. Yoga pants from Lucy, regular not maternity. Can only get away with it if the top is long enough. My favorite yoga pants have been from Pea in the Pod

 The second purchase from yesterday.  Liz Lange for Target. Love the fabric. Dave liked this one better than the stripped one.

Tee from Target not maternity. 
Wrap from Anthropology non maternity. Shorts from Liz Lange for Target. 

Top from Anthropology not maternity. Shorts from Liz Lange for Target. I love when I find a shirt that is not maternity but works throughout my pregnancy and beyond.  This is one of my favorite tops. I know because I find myself photographed in it all the time.   

Top from Banana Republic, not maternity. Shorts Liz Lange for Target. 

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