Wednesday, February 29, 2012

DIY Seedling Pots

We did a gardening project the other day.  I had this idea that we could make our own seedling pots.  I thought it would be a fun, semi-educational activity.  Problem is I'm not to well versed in the art of origami or any kind of folding/diagram type of thing.  I looked at a few blogs to get ideas and assumed I could follow directions, figure it out and then incorporate P in the process.  It took me well over an hour to try a few different concepts.  Thank God P was entertained making a fairy house. She came over,  took all my failed attempts, and used them in her house. She was so sweet reassuring me that my failures were wonderful.   

In the end we used egg crates from Whole Foods, used toilet paper rolls and a few folded newspaper cups.  The newspaper cups took a while to do and I didn't find them to be very useful.  They were too narrow, regardless of the size of newspaper I used.  I don't know, the folded options were too time consuming for my taste specially when there are easier, better choices right in my kitchen and bathroom! 

Here were the blogs I sourced. Maybe the problem is my lack of folding ability, not the cups themselves. 

You Grow Girl
How Stuff Works
The Three Cheeses

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