Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Pregnancy in Pictures

Before I write my birth story and chronicle the first month of G's arrival I wanted to take one look back at my pregnancy.  I know years from now I will want to remember my body and how it changed during this period of my life.  Pregnancy is so challenging but beautiful and when I look at G it makes all the hard parts well worth it.  I also know years from now I'll forget all those hard parts. I will only remember the amazing beautiful things.  So here are some of the images that best captured my life during the nine months.  Going from third to first trimester this is my pregnancy in pictures....and I just realized I have a thing for stripes! 

39 weeks pregnant and my last night being 39.


This is one of my favorite pictures of all time. It still amazes me that the little people who are inside us eventually grow to be so big that they can wrap themselves around us and their siblings!

I had some great energy in December. I went on a lot of hikes.  This first picture was taken by P with the iphone. 

This was about the time when I couldn't stand facing the kitchen counters anymore. I had to stand sideways.  It's been rather uncomfortable for my back. 

I couldn't help but take this picture of myself in the dressing room of a store.  I mean how often is one proud of a belly this size?

The picture we used for our Christmas card this past December.

A lovely shot that Dave took of me.


These were taken on a trip to Big Sur. We said goodbye to the baby we lost three years ago.  It felt like a good time for closure and to come full circle. I was 24 weeks along with this pregnancy which was ironic since that was how far along I was when I had the DNC.  Purely coincidential. We didn't plan it that way.

P and me on the couch. She was saying she could feel the baby kick her. 

P took this picture of me on a trip to Santa Inez. The two of us went to see a mission while Dave was at work. 

On a hike with the family. 

Thanks to Dave's work we got to spend a few days at the Montage in Laguna Beach.  I was about 18 weeks along.  The very relaxing days did me lots of good as did a few workout at the gym.

At the Great Orange Park in Orange County. I remember announcing the pregnancy about this time. 

In in our backyard.   

On a camping trip in Big Bear. 11wks along. I remember feeling like it was so obvious I was showing but of course as I look back it doesn't seem like it at all. This was our first weekend back after being in Florida for over two weeks.  


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