Monday, May 14, 2012

Notes to G

My Dear G, 
I chronicled every month of your sister's first year. Since then I have launched this blog and decided I want to chronicle little things of your life on here.  For example, in the last two weeks you've started to smile and to "speak". You make these little gurgling, grunting noises that are your way of speaking.  Today you laughed out loud, briefly but it was a full on laugh.  

I've been trying to take your birth announcement picture with P. I even bought you two matching outfits a month before you were born so that I could capture this moment.  It may seem silly to send out birth announcements in the mail since all our friends know of your arrival through Facebook or email. But, I vowed I wasn't going to skip on things for you just because you were second born.  You shouldn't get jipped like that.  

Anyway, as we were taking these pictures your dad was able to capture one of your first smiles!  It seems your sister wants to wrestle with you in bed and I think you will willingly join her as soon as you can start really moving on your own.  

I think one day you will want to know what you were like as a baby. And I know the day you go to college I will want to sit and read all these posts so I can relive our days together. And if anything I hope you will always know and this will prove that I love seeing every little development of yours.  I love every square inch of your being.  


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