Friday, June 10, 2011

ISR Refresher

P finished her week of ISR refresher today.  It was amazing to watch her go from being petrified of the water to having her confidence back in a 5 day period.  P had two bad experiences this spring. One where she couldn't reach the edge of the pool and the other she missed the last step in our pool.  Those two incidents of not being in control and not able to float comfortably scared her. Every time we got near a pool her fear got worse and worse so I called Katie. In 5 days Katie took her from fearful to confident and I can't thank her enough for getting me my Super P and peace of mind back. 

Every spring P gets back in the water and her body has grown and changed so much it throws her off.  Every fall I promise myself to get into the heated pool at the club a couple times a month through the winter so P keeps her feel of the water.  It never happens. Who wants to get into a pool when it's 50 degrees outside? Not me! That's for Olympic athletes. 

This is the fourth time we've been to Katie. The first two years were 4-6 week sessions. Last year and this year were refreshers.  For some reason this year it's really hit me hard how fast time is passing. We've always had a routine of swimming and then going to Starbucks after.  On Monday our first day, we pulled into the Starbucks parking lot and I started crying.  I remember 8 months as if it were yesterday.  It feels like yesterday and yet when she was 8 months old, 4 years old felt like it was going to be decades away.  The one thing I know for sure is that I don't regret the thousands and thousands of pictures I've taken of this kid. And I certainly don't regret the money and time we've spent on ISR. Besides it being a literal life saver, this whole experience was the starting block of building P's confidence.  For a 20month old to know they can fully control their bodies in the water when they can't on dry land and to know they can do something better than most other 4,5,6 year olds is a huge boost of confidence.  It's crazy amazing. 

These pictures give me goose bumps. We've come a long way my little baby!
Thank you Katie.  I know another ISR instructor could have taught P these skills but another would not have given her the love and warmth you give! xo

P and Katie today.
 P and Katie in July 2008. P was 8 months old. That cry was such torture to me.

 July 2008. Although painful to hear, the cry was worth knowing she could float and survive at 8 months old.



We still have monkey.  Katie gave him to P when she was an infant.  She was drawn to him from the start and to this day she'll go beyond her comfort zone if monkey is around. 
Monkey with us back when P was 20 months old. 
P floating back then to!

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