Friday, June 10, 2011

Last Day of Preschool.

Today was P's last day of preschool. Her last day of the first year. She has two more years to go.  I remember hearing parents talk about these milestones and I thought they were so dumb. And then I had a kid and today feels huge. Again, another thing to mark how fast time is going by.  

In this year P has learned to spot her name,  draw circles, squares, lines, draw things that actually look like what she says she drew, draw the letter A. She's learned to cut with regular scissors, learned so many words I can't keep track. She's learned about friendships, taking turns, sharing, waiting patiently. I find it very interesting how much of her learning at this stage has to do with social learning. It's exhausting for her. I will never forget after her first day of school I asked her how her day was and she said "ahhh, sharing is hard!". We've started on the right track.  The school was great and then a change in our director brought on a whole slew of issues. We'll see how things transition next year but for now I'm thrilled at the education and direction P is getting. I'm thrilled with who she is surrounded by and I'm grateful for Mrs. Eishenreich and Mrs Serino for taking such great care of my darling P.

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