Sunday, December 2, 2012

Baby Food




I'm in the middle of making a whole lot of baby food.  Gemma seems to have a pretty developed palette. She prefers a combination of flavors instead of just plain carrots or peas.  For a while I was blending whatever we were eating or I was making soups like butternut squash.  But Gemma is eating more and I feel better knowing I have stuff ready to go.  So I steamed and blended away.
I made:
carrot, fennel, potato and zucchini.
spinach, mushroom, garlic and onion
green beans, carrot, potato and sage
beets and goat cheese
roasted garlic, eggplant and rosemary.

She is digging the first three combinations and we'll soon find out about the last two. I'm digging our NutriBullet!  It's blending really well! The freezer is stocked up with frozen cubes of each meal. Dave and I are happier knowing we both have food ready to go for her. He can spend longer stretches of time alone with she if she is well fed! And meal times are easier if I just have to pull out cubes instead of thinking of what could work for an 8 month old!


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