Sunday, May 1, 2011

Vegas...Not so good for baby.

The first weekend in April we went to Vegas. Dave had to scout the strip for a movie so P and I tagged along.  Trips that are primarily for Dave's work can be tough.  It's hard to juggle his work needs and P's needs.  This trip was actually better than most.  And I'm glad we went because I realized something.  I won't be going back to Vegas with P until she's in her 20's.  

Vegas is just not for kids.  I don't care what people say. I found it very difficult to explain the simplest yet not so simple things to P.  We got in the hotel elevator at 10 am and in walks a girl who had on an amazing tight, short dress and killer stilettos. She was a high class escort.  P was fascinated by her outfit and shoes.  How do I explain to a 3 year old about the outfit and the woman's career?  And to be honest if I had that woman's body I'd wear the same outfit but there is something different about how an escort carries herself.  I can't even explain it in words now let alone to a 3 year old right in the moment.  

Vegas is an adult playground and people behave accordingly.  Another elevator ride on another day was devoted to the topic of porn. Everyone in the elevator was chatting about it and the word was said so often I thought for sure P was going to come out of there saying "porn, porn, porn".  I didn't say anything to our elevator companions because if I don't want my child hearing these words then I shouldn't take her to "sin city" in the first place.  

We were there for two nights.  The second night I was up in our room by 6pm and didn't dare venture out after. Dave had to shoot at night so it was just P and me. At one point I said screw it and let her watch her show on the iPad while I watched one of my shows on the laptop with one earpiece in.  Not the height of my parenting skills but I figured I owed myself a little vacation.

Despite P's lovely lessons on the wild side we did have a great time.  We got to swim in two pools. The first night we stayed at Caesars. Their pool was fantastic; brilliant and regal! The second night we stayed at Mandalay Bay.  They had a wave pool, a tide pool and about 4 more pools but they weren't as much fun for P as Caesar's.  Mandalay had a great bath tub so I bought a glitter bath bar from Lush in the lobby. We had such a fun time in the tub.  A glitter Vegas right? I think it was the highlight of P's trip.  She kept saying "this is the best thing you've ever gotten me!"

Dave's schedule was rough but he made sure to spend the day having fun with us. Between phone calls and dealing with his logistics we went to the shark tank at Mandalay Bay. Then the two of them napped and I got a gym workout!  I also got to have my favorite thing while in service!   We had some tasty meals in restaurants and then drove like the wind back home just in time for Dave to start another job.  

Every time we pull off one of these crazy "workcations" I wonder how women like Gwyneth Paltrow do it.  She supposedly was on tour with her husband and Coldplay for almost 2 years when Apple was first born.  Kudos to women like her making family and career work!  I must say though, P is exceptionally easy to travel with.  She loves hotels, which was the reason I decided to tag along with Dave and she just loves adventure.  This little apple didn't fall far from both of her parent trees!

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