Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Necklaces

I wish I could take credit for all my creative ventures.  My secret is that I'm addicted to reading blogs!  There are women, mothers who are amazing.  I just came across Flax & Twine via Design Mom.  I was looking to get P something special for Valentine's Day.  These necklaces were just perfect and what's even better is I could make them for her!  Dave had a last minute day off yesterday so we both went to Michael's to get supplies.  I'm so glad because it made him part of the process.

Instructions to make the necklaces can be found here.  Per P's request I used buttons to secure them at the end instead of tying them off.  

P is feeling cool with her new necklaces and a new outfit.   I ordered this tee and pants from The Mini Social weeks ago and they arrived today so we came off as super champs!  Phew, love it when things work out like that!


  1. yay - the necklaces are beautiful!! so glad you made them. Hope your daughter adores them. xoxo

  2. She LOVES them! As do I!!! A piece of her jewelery I dont mind wearing when she asks me to! :)