Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day Date

Yesterday Dave and I got the sitter to come and hang with Annika while he and I went on a date during the day.  Gemma came with us.  She is not taking a bottle and at nearly 4 months I feel she's too young to be away from me. She's also super fussy in the evenings so doing a date at night is out of the question.   

I've been wanting to do this for a while but I didn't feel right leaving Annika behind. I was afraid she'd see it as us leaving her but taking Gemma, ie, your too much trouble.  But we saw her sitter one day and she asked when she was going to get another "play date" with her. I told her whenever she wanted but we would have to take Gemma with us. Was she ok with that?  Yup, not a problem!  She wanted to see her friend Brittney.  

So Dave and I had lunch at the LIttle Next Door in West Hollywood.  It's has great food and ambiance.  I feel like I'm in Paris when I'm there.  My friend Gifty introduced me to this wonderful place.  She is the queen of knowing all the great restaurants across town.  We went out for one of my last hoorahs before giving birth and this is where she took me. 

The restaurant's decor plus the fact that half of the dining guest and wait staff speak French makes me feel like I'm an entire ocean and continent away from LA.  After lunch we strolled on 3rd Street and shopped. As parents it's such a decadent thing to do!   

Gemma was a star. She slept through most of our meal and then was happy as can be sitting in one of our laps. It wasn't until the car ride home that she cried.  But we got out on the town!  Woohoo! Such a major accomplishment!

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