Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Diving Daughter

Few people really believe me when I say my 4 year old can swim.  Fully swim.  Without floaties. In the deep end of the pool.  The one phrase that makes them get what I'm saying, sort of, is when I say "she dives down 8 feet in our pool".

We started her in ISR at 8 months and I don't regret the time, money or semi stress I went through to have her become the swimmer she is today.....and the swimmer she always has been since the day she started ISR.  She is water safe not just able to swim. These are two different things.

Although the classes can be stressful when you're on the sidelines, it has saved me even more stress. A fellow parent pointed out that drowning is silent. So, to hear our kids cry initially as they learn the skills is really a good cry. Without these skills we could end up hearing silence which is a thousand times worse.  

I proudly talk about P's ability in the water not just because I'm a proud parent but because it is possible for every 4 year old to swim like this.  And they should, specially if you live near a lot of water or if you have a pool.

This summer has been a little tricky.  She is 4 and needs stroke development. I'm going to have to find a private coach because all the swim classes for her age group are meant to teach kids to swim or to make them comfortable in the water. We're past that.  When I talk to other parents about the instructors or classes they love I can tell we're talking apples and oranges. Not many believe a 4 year old can do this:

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