Sunday, January 20, 2013

Notes to G

Dear Gems, 
Today you fed me for the first time. I gave you a piece of banana and after taking a few bites you took it and fed it to me. I think this is so exciting.  I don't know why but I do. Well... actually I think it's exciting because I feel it shows you have an awareness outside of yourself.  It also tells me you are mimicking my actions; I fed you, you feed me.  I think it shows signs of empathy...although I'm not sure you quite fully understand the feeling hunger outside of your belly.  I found this small action as a sign of huge development.  

I love watching your little details.  For example, I like watching you move your food around and pick different things out. I wonder what's going on inside your little head that makes you do what you do. Your experience in life is very limited so I wonder what primal, unaltered part of your brain makes the choices it does. 

This week you decided me feeding you was no longer going to work.  You have always wanted to take the spoon out of my hands, even when you were still having trouble directing your own hand in any direction at all.  I've tried to let you feed yourself chunks of food.  However, with things like yogurt or apple sauce I can't do it or else we'll end up with food on our walls.  This week it was chunks or nothing.  You are very independent. I like it. I hate it.  It means my services could be rendered not so useful in the not so distant future.  

But for right now my services are quite needed and I really enjoy getting to watch you find your path and make your choices even when it's just between a banana or an O. 

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