Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ronald Reagan Library

We went to the Ronald Reagan Library today. It's been a while since we last visited. When we pulled up to the parking lot I remembered Annika was crawling and pulling herself up on things but not yet walking when we were there last.  So she must have been somewhere around 10 months....the very same age Gemma is now!  I found the pictures from that day back in August 2008. It's was a little bittersweet to compare then to now.  I'm thrilled I have two girls but sad my dad is no longer with us. I'm amazed to see how much these little people change in four short years. 

2008: Annika holding onto these glass panels they have in one gallery.

2013: Gemma doing the same thing today but her sister is always close by.

2008. My dad and mom with Annika.  They were visiting from Florida. 

2013: This time it was Dave and me with the girls.  My dad is no longer with us....

2008: Annika holding herself up. I think this was the place where she really started to pull herself up. The panels helped her feel more comfortable for some reason. 

2013: Gemma pulling herself up. She's been doing it for about 2 months now.  Annika entices her to be more active and to mature faster. 

2008: My dad holding Annika up over this table so she could see the ball roll around the maze. 

2013: Dave playing the maze game with Annika.  

2008: My mom on the opposite side with Annika

2013: Annika on the other side with Gemma. 

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