Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Balance Bike

The pictures above are of P learning to ride her balance bike last week.  The small slopes in our front yard were perfect for her to get a feel for coasting.  But you can see she's not comfortable.  I was so proud of her. She kept doing the slopes over and over again despite clearly being outside of her comfort zone. Every day last week she asked to go out and ride her bike.  She's been determined to get control of it and to get her pedals on!  I'm so proud of that determination and the understanding that practice is what makes perfect.

Below are pictures of P from today. She started riding ramps a few days ago but had yet to gain her confidence and the ability to use her hand brake.  Today she got both!!! And again I loved that she kept wanting to ride the ramps "I just want to make sure I got it mom!".  The best part for me was seeing that sense of accomplishment she was feeling.  Nothing in the world beats that! Nothing!  And that feeling is what will drive her from today until the day she dies!!! 

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