Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Beaver House

I'm so far behind in documenting the little, funny, daily occurrences with P. Trying to play catch up.

A few weeks ago Dave cleaned off the back patio and P proceeded to take things and make a "beaver house".  It was entertaining to see the two of them out there spraying  things down and moving them around.  

The following day P started telling me about beavers and how they smack their tails in the water and how they swim under for safety.  I thought she had it all wrong so I pulled out the ipad and went on Wikipedia to get beaver pictures and info.  Turns out she was totally right!  She knew all these facts about beavers.  Dave and I were shocked.  Neither one of us knows where she got all this info.  We had just come back from Florida so it wasn't from school.  To this day we have no idea how she knows about beavers! 

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