Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cover that Bum!

My mom brought me back undies for P from her trip to Colombia!  Every time someone visits from our homeland they ask me what I want.  I always say the same: undies for P!  Why can't I buy underwear for my kid in the States?  

Well, I have an issue with American underwear for girls.  Just about every brand does not cover the bum and private parts enough.  Some even look like they belong on a Victoria Secrets model.  We're talking underpants for a toddler for Pete's sake!  Cover all the parts!  

At this point in P's life her privates belong to me and I'm not willing to share them with anyone.  Also, I don't want to constantly tell her to put her legs down. She's a child having fun. She should do what she wants, climb what she wants, straddle what she wants.  Boys don't have to worry about it why should girls at this age when an awareness of sexuality is not even there.  To solve the problem I buy her boy shorts underwear for girls which I can only find at H&M. Or I ask for foreign underwear.  Isn't it a little shocking that the standard in the rest of the world covers at least half a butt cheek and half a vagina more than here?!

Now, here is where I become more "liberated" or European.  I hate underwear lines, even on a 3 year old.  When P wears her jersey pants or any soft pants or leggings I don't have her put on underwear.  You should hear the questions I get asked at school by her teachers.  I don't get it. Yes, she has no underwear on!  Can you see any of her parts? No? Ok, well those regular underwear that the rest of the girls wear well I see half a vagina when they're sitting cross legged in a dress. So where is the indecency when she doesn't wear underwear with something that doesn't expose a thing?  The expectations in this country are weird.  

Anyway, call them granny panties. Call them what you like. For now, my daughter wears imported underwear that cover all her parts!

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