Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'm Funny

I asked P today what she thought was the best thing about herself.  Well, first I asked her what her best attribute was and she said "spending time with R"(her best friend). So, I explained "that's your favorite thing to do but I want to know what you think is your best attribute or the best part about you".  Without evening thinking she said "I'm funny".  I find her answer to be surprising and very curious.  Who knows they're funny at 3.5?  She obviously is aware of making others laugh and has figured out what makes people laugh.  

I've read that having whit means you are smart.  To make people laugh you have to have timing and be well informed, well-read and therefore be smart.  I've noticed our society norms consider people to fall into one of two categories either beautiful or funny.  Consider that when you go out on a blind date and the person setting you up says he/she is beautiful you leave it at that but if they say he/she is funny, has a good personality then you assume they aren't good looking.  Most comedians are not considered leading man/woman material because they don't have those striking good looks.  Two people who I think straddle these society norms are Steve Carell and Tina Fey, but neither are packaged as sexy.  And then there's Cameron Diaz she is sexy, beautiful and funny but her humor tends to be a bit on the raunchy, crass side. I think of all these standards and norms and I think of P's answer I'm excited to see how she will wear her humor and whit as she grows up.  Again, who knows they're funny at 3.5? 

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