Saturday, June 2, 2012

4th Trimester Style: pants

No one talks about what to wear after you give birth.  There's this thing called the "fourth trimester" and it's discussed in terms of the baby but never the mom.  Well, we have our own transition, specially in terms of style. 

With this second child I've come to grips with the fact that my mid-section will be a bit mushy for a while.  Pants are a problem.  Even if I shrink down to my normal size 10, my tummy is rather soft so that pants are either too tight or slide off.  The best solution is maternity pants with the wide waist band or yoga pants.  I know no one wants to wear "maternity clothes" when they're not pregnant but I'd rather look good than have muffin top or mama crack.  Both are terribly unsexy.  

Gap has skinny, bright colored, demi-panel maternity jeans and I'm loving it! Hip maternity pants! Woohoo. I bought the red ones and I think I also want fushsia!

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