Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rising to the Occasion

Last Thursday I knew the minute Gemma woke up that it would be a hard day.  She was teething bad again.  Annika woke up about an hour later and I let her know the day would be challenging but we'd make it through.  And the amazing girl and big sister that she is, she helped me soothe Gemma the entire day.  Without her I would have died since Gemma needed to be held constantly.  Instead Annika was able to entertain and soothe her so I could take a shower, make meals, put in a load of laundry. I actually think Annika can do more for Gemma than I can.  She amazes me. Every time the day is hard or the moment is difficult for whatever reason, Annika rises to the occasion in a way I'd expect from a much older child....maybe even an adult.  

There were many touching moments with the two girls throughout the day. However, I found this moment to be specially touching.  Annika is playing the audio book Dave and I recorded for her when we went to the hospital to deliver Gemma.  The two of them looked so beautiful and sweet. These are the moments I visualized for years so it feels strange to see them for real.  

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