Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cool New Mom Gifts

As I'm still fresh in the new mom phase I'm writing down all the cool gifts I received or wish I had received during this time.  This phase has such specific needs that it's hard to think of useful gifts unless you're here.  Even if you've had kids it's hard to remember what these first few weeks are all about. I think for just about everyone it all turns into a big, hazy fog because we're so sleep deprived. 

Of course, the most useful and best gift to receive as a new mom is food. This Taco Box is just beyond cool! It would definitely stand out from all the other casseroles and lasagnas. It's  thoughtful and crazy creative!  You can make one yourself and customize it for the receiving family.

The other gift I just came upon is from a company called Citrus Lane.  For $25 a month you get a box with really great products that are age appropriate for your baby.  The companies they source are all the types of products I'd buy: organic, design savvy, super cute and educational.  I just bought a six months subscription. A box of goodies in the mail can really make your day.  It's the kind of thing that can help you forget your sweet baby puking her brains out in the middle of a museum gallery, which of course got you both kindly ushered out.  This would be a cool gift to receive!  

images from The Kitchen and Citrus Lane

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