Saturday, June 30, 2012

Great Quote

This week all of my summer plans came crumbling down.  I had Annika's summer camps planned out until August; a little sports, a little science, a little play. I planned so far in advance because I needed to know when I was getting my breaks. With a newborn and Dave's crazy work schedule I need my time so I can keep sane.  

Well, one camp got cancelled. The other isn't such a good fit for Annika. I think she's too young and she'll never admit defeat. She'll run and keep up until she falls over from exhaustion.  Can't have that.  So, I scoured the internet for camps in our area.  I was up till 1:30am on Sunday trying to find something that worked.  The camps I liked were super expensive. Other's she was too young for.  And too many were not....well, good enough for my kid.  

Back when Annika was 2 we went on adventures and I saw kids in camps. I remember thinking many looked like cattle being herded back and forth.  The kids didn't look all that happy.  How sad so many children had to spend their days like this. I promised I'd never do that to my kids. So, I was ready to fork out quite a bit of money to get Annika the perfect camp where she would be entertained and learn and be happy.

Then I remembered the quote above. I asked Annika if she preferred to go to camp or spend her days with me. I didn't even get the sentenced finished when she said "with you".   I think a better solution is to find a nanny who can help me two days a week so I get a break but I spend the rest of the time with the girls.  With this solution comes the realization that my house will never be neat and organized this summer.  To have Annika at home means doing activities; cooking, art, reading, play which means more mess. I can't do it all. I'd need a full staff to get it all done. Something's gotta give and it'll be a neat house.  But, at least I'll have spend more time with my child and less money and I hope to get what's promised.

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