Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Bob Duallie.

One of the first things I put on our baby registry with the arrival of baby #2 was the Bob Duallie, the mother load, Escalade of strollers! It may not seem like a major need. P after all is 4.5 and walks everywhere. For the most part we don't need it but for two big reasons we do.  

#1: My Daily Sanity
I knew I'd want to go for walks or hikes, alone or with Dave and I want a real workout. The kind you  can't get when you're trying to entice a child to keep moving.  The kind of workout that frees your brain.  The Duallie allows me to stick both kids in there, hand P an ipad or iphone and let both of us get our happy on. Her with a show and me with exercise. G, thankfully is happy sleeping these days.

#2: Disney or any other theme park.
I have a rule about Disney. I do not pick the kids up.  They walk or ride everywhere.  If us parents are carrying the kids then we're pooped by noon and they still have load of energy.  My main goal at all theme parks is to keep the happy on and the cranky far away.  When one person in the pack gets tired it causes havoc on the rest of the family. The Duallie allows us all to be happy. It allows me to give P some quiet time in the middle of the day to nap or just to ride and rest so she can crank out the afternoon in a good mood.  It also allows me to pack load of clothes and food.  The weather has a 20 degree range here in Southern California. I need to pack several options for both cold and hot in case there are spills, accidents or splashes from rides. 

I'm so glad one of Dave's co-workers got us this amazing gift. It's made my job a thousand times easier and our days together as a family much happier! It drives so smooth and easy.  You can see Dave navigating it with one hand while it's fully loaded.  G's car seat snaps right into place with the appropriate car seat adapter so I know she's safely seated. And on days when we're feeling super tough, the stroller becomes part of our workout!

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