Saturday, March 10, 2012

40th Birthday

Almost a year ago we planned a trip to NYC for my 40th. Then I got pregnant and my due date turned out to be 3 days after my birthday. trip, no party...not much of anything really but I'll take a baby over anything in the world.  

In February we celebrated both my birthday and our anniversary, that's coming up on the 30th. It was a lovely night out in downtown LA.  We ate at a fabulous place but my stomach has been ultra sensitive and I got horribly sick by 3am.  Today we played it safe and ate at home.  Plus the only thing I really, really wanted was my Three-berry cake at Sweet Lady Jane. 

Initially I thought I could muster up the energy to go see The Lorax and then go have cake. However, just getting out for breakfast was such a struggle we decided on just cake.  There are two families we go see kid movies with. Both are friends from school and not only does P love hanging with the two boys in her class and one older sister but I love hanging with both mamas and Dave likes both dads.  So, the last minute movie/cake plans of just us,  turned into just cake with the two families over in Santa Monica.  It was the perfect low-key, no drama afternoon.  I was so touched everyone came over the hill so easily to hang with!

I've been feeling rather awful. I'm bloated and uncomfortable.  So uncomfortable and not bloated in a "I have my period" kind of way but in a my entire body is tight. My fingers, toes, legs, stomach, neck, face, etc it's all super tight and feeling awful.  Moving from sitting to standing or rolling over to the other side in bed is hard.  Clothes aren't fitting.  Not even my largest maternity clothes. If I'm not breathing through pain I'm exhausted.  But I'm pregnant and about to deliver.  We'll celebrate good next year!

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