Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Toast Cups

This morning I wanted something eggy, but special, but easy to make. I remembered these egg toast cups I recently found on Pinterest.  They lived up to their great expectations. Easy to make, Dave loved them and they felt special. Definitely not our usual scrambled eggs with toast.  

The recipe can be found here.  The only two differences I did was use larger "jumbo" muffin tins instead of regular sized ones. And I used one entire egg per cup.  The recipe calls for only part of the egg white but it's P's favorite part so I used all of it.

This is a recipe I'll use when we have company over for breakfast.  It's easy to have everyone's meal come out at once and I can feed 6 or more people at a time. I guess if I had 3-4 kids I would use more often as well.  Next time I might try a "Florentine" version with onions, spinach and cheese instead of bacon and cheese.  

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