Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Smartest thing...

...I've done to prepare for the coming of a second child is to freeze lots and lots of food.  In January I started making meals and freezing half.  I made all the things I crave whenever I'm sick or need comfort. There's chicken soup, Italian wedding soup, broccoli-potato soup, minestrone soup, mac and cheese, meat lasagna, chard-mushroom lasagna, pomodoro sauce, pesto sauce, and chocolate chip cookie dough balls.  

I expected to start going through all this after the baby was born.  These last few days I've been so tired and brain dead that we've started digging in. It's come in very, very handy.  After P was born I remember craving home made food. My mom was here at the time and she froze food for us before going back to Florida. It was sweet but most of what she made isn't what my body craved and she only has a rotation of four dishes.  After my DNC neighbors made us food and brought it over.  I hate to say this, but I threw out half of it out. It was awful.  It was either over salted or had no flavor and again not what my body craved when recovering.

After those two experiences I realized I'm finicky about what I eat...or I'm a total control freak.  Either way I figured it was best to take care of it myself.  Yesterday when I was at acupuncture I asked what I could do to help my body recover from birth.  They gave me a list of foods to help my body replenish all the blood it will lose.  And guess what is on that list: chicken soup, preferably home made,  dark greens, lots of veggies and a healthy choice of organic meat.  Everything I've made is what is considered ideal for recovery!!!!  The only thing I need to finish off before the baby is born is the Minestrone soup because it has a good chunk of cabbage which gives nursing babies lots of gas. 

I've been told I worry too much and plan way too far ahead. Right about now I'm seeing this "flaw" as a really good thing.

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