Sunday, March 11, 2012

Valley Mama

I swore I'd never turn into a Valley mom but here I am wearing Uggs and shorts. Just shameful but I've had the hardest time getting dressed while pregnant and even more so now in my 39th week.

We went to the west side yesterday.  It's always about 20 degrees cooler over there. I know to bring extra clothes and often shoes. While I can wear flip flops over here I have to change into something warmer over there.

Problem is, lately I'm always hot.  I think I wore my Uggs two times this entire winter when normally they are a part of my winter uniform.  I started out in shorts and flip flops and felt fine but soon I needed my sweater and then for our walk in Palisades Park I needed my Uggs and that is how this awful look came to be.  The other thing I only noticed till the picture is how small the chambray shirt is on me now and how protruded my belly has become.  The belly bands a friend game me are now incredibly useful.  My belly still sticks out even when I'm wearing maternity pants and shirts.  I'm just big, plain and simple.  But I'm pregnant so I'll take it!!!!

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