Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Difference a Year Makes

Ace Hotel. May 2011

Ace Hotel. May 2012
We went to Palm Springs two weeks ago. Today I downloaded our pictures onto our computer and I realized we went to Palm Springs last year at the same time.  It's not an annual May voyage, it just turned out that way. Last year we went for Dave's work and this year because he wasn't working we got the chance to get out of town. 

I'm glad I found the pictures from a year ago. They made me remember where we were emotionally not so long ago.  I remember being on a strict fertility diet of no alcohol, sugar or caffeine. Vacations are never fun with those kinds of dietary confinements.  I thought I was never going to have another child. I was frustrated.  So to see us at the same restaurant with one more guest at the table seems like a miracle.  Every day is a hard juggle these days but I'm grateful for it. Very grateful.


  1. I love the contrast here, as I remember mentally where you were and its so damned awesome to see how far things have come!!! All of that discipline surely paid off! One other thing I noted is the addition of the beer....ahahah. 2 kids will do that to you! :)

  2. Beer is soooo good these days!lol!