Friday, June 1, 2012

Notes to G: first swim

On Monday, May 28, 2012 we got you into the pool for the very first time!  You are 10 weeks old. I went to the mall that day and found this bathing cap with sun protection. I couldn't help myself, I thought you 'd look like a mini Ester Williams.  Anything this flowery is not my usual taste but you bring out the girlie in me. It seems to suit you.

You seemed to like the pool. You love to stretch your legs out in the tub but the pool was was a different environment.  Today, Friday we got you in the pool again and you liked it even more.  You're getting comfortable with the "bigger tub".  I can't wait till next summer when we'll take you to Miss Katie so you can learn to float and swim the way your sister did. 


  1. She does indeed look like she is ready for a water ballet! So sweet!

  2. i love the cap!! omg the 3 of you look so stylish!! :) love it...